Many Years Later

Akin & Garvey have joined together as a studio again, and are working on various projects.
Bits of work in progress will be posted here, along with some older pieces, random links, etc… stay tuned!

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  • Mia

    Ian what loving memories… I’m only too sorry to see them this late after the fact… Especially due to the fact that I have been living back in NORCAL for 19 years. I am so grateful for finding this after watching Man of Steel tonight with my 16 year old son Charlie. I brought his name up as he has been very caught up in Anime and most especially Thor. I felt a wave of sadness at having hidden his memory away for so long as the time I spent with him in Santa Cruz in the mid eighties and the tumultuous years those were I had buried long ago too painful for the light of day. The struggles were too much for me. May his soul rest in the arms of the many angels he caressed with his pens pencils and imagination.. I hope you are well and thriving. X

    Ms Mia

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